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   UPDATED : January 12th, 2018

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Used Van Bodies 16' Long for Sale

Our used inventory for 16' Truck bodies includes:   Mickey Truck body, and Babb Van bodies.

The Mickey Truck body is a Produce style truck bed. These are in stock and available for mounting, call for pricing.

We also are equipped to repair damage done to the roofs, floors, rear headers, side panels and liftgates.


Unit 755   1991 Babb 17' Truckbody

Door opening 78"h x 54"w.  Inside 85"h x 87"w.  Frame Rail width 30".  To mount or for smaller storage

003c, insulated storage truck body

Unit 003C  1998 Mickey 16' Truckbody

Door opening 78"h x 50"w.  Inside 84"h x 92"w.  Frame Rail width 29"

1046, 16 ft reefer box

Unit 1046  2006 Refrigerated Produce style16' Truckbody

Door opening 83"h x 77"w.  Inside 86"h x 88"w.  Frame Rail width 34" Reefer style, no unit.

1074, 16 ft box for landscapers, dovetail

Unit 1074  1997 Morgan 16' Truckbody with Landscapers Dovetail

Door opening 88"h x 85"w.  Inside 91"h x 91"w.  Frame Rail width 33"


Unit 1069 2006 Kidron 16' Truckbody (not ready painting white)

Door opening 84"h x 87"w.  Inside 90"h x 91"w.  Frame Rail width 33"









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