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Used Isuzu NPR Parts, including GMC W4500 and GMC W3500 parts.

Our Isuzu Salvage Truck Parts change often, depending on inventory they typically include: engines, transmissions,

cabs, power steering pumps, cab pivots, radiators, fuel tanks, turbo and power steering units. 

We have other miscellaneous parts on Isuzu trucks too.

This is not a complete list, so please call or look below for some additional information.

Isuzu Used Parts

Unit #

Description of Isuzu Parts


1998 Chevrolet GMC W4, Isuzu Style. Cab, Transmission, Rearend Chunk, Exhaust, Turbo, 4BD2 used parts.


2005 Isuzu NPR Used Parts. Transmission,  Exhaust, Turbo, ECM, 4HK1 Accessory used parts.


1998 GMC T6500 Cab assembly with doors for sale.  Set up for Manual Transmission and Cat engine.


1998 GMC T6500 Caterpillar Engine 3126  7AS25093  and Eaton 6 speed Manual Transmission FS2306A   (you will need to use your own flywheel and bell housing)


1998 GMC T6500 used Rearend Differential   Eaton       8H225    306784     1502634      


1998 GMC T6500 Step Brackets, driver side fender step, Radiator, Power steering reservoir, spash shields, etc.


2005 GMC W4500 Rear Axle Housing Rear Center Chunk Not in unit.  Housing only. Springs and Tire parts more.


Isuzu NPR Rearend Chunk.   Gear ratio 5.57 and 5.85.


Isuzu NPR Fuel Tanks side mounted, 33 gallon tanks   Straps are more
  Isuzu NPR Driver Door Shell, New older stock Part number 8975814341.  Door corner needs to be worked.
  Isuzu NPR Front Panel, New older stock Part number 89759255


Isuzu NPR Front Panel, New older stock Part number 89759256, This one has 3 places to be worked.


2005 Isuzu NPR Used Transmission  Aisin Seiki  Part number 8973300050, 345020-446


2004 Isuzu NPR Seat Passenger side 2 person


2004 Isuzu NPR Grill, and other misc parts.... seatbelts, interior dash panel, rear cab glass, rear cab latch off cab, misc. door parts.


Isuzu NPR Turbo for 4BD2 engine.  Has a waste gate.  8971056180   XE1007J    466409


2000 Isuzu NPR Steering Gear Box JKC 897173468  448-01055  
948 2005 Isuzu NPR Used Engine Parts.   Turbo, ECM, and other 4HK1 Accessory used parts.  Engine has hole in block.




2004 Isuzu NPR Steering Column complete.


2000 Isuzu NPR Front Axle  GVW 14,500 trucks.
Used Isuzu Aftercooler


Isuzu NPR Intercoolers, Aftercoolers or charge air coolers Part numbers 8971690960 or 8972183943


Isuzu NPR Torsion Bar and Levers, Cab Pivot Assemblies, Isuzu NPR lower cab mounts.


2005 GMC W4500 Exhaust Brake






Isuzu NPR Used battery box bottoms


Isuzu NPR Rear Latch Support Assembly


1999 Isuzu NPR Fan clutch


Isuzu NPR Front axle with the tie rod, disk brakes, and calipers.


Isuzu NPR Rear axles
948 Isuzu NPR, 2005 ECM Computer  8973812450     275800-2813     12v
948 Isuzu NPR, 2005 AC Condensor ONLY, Fan sold already.






Isuzu NPR center console and shift tower assembly, or gear shift assembly.


Isuzu NPR Cab shocks Part # 697160085


Isuzu NPR Exhaust Stack with Air filter Assembly older models.


Isuzu NPR Exhaust Stack with Air filter Assembly



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