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   UPDATED : September 14th, 2018

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Offering Used Truck Bodies, Used Lift gates, Used Commercial Trucks, Trailers, Used Truck Parts, Trailer Repair, Truck body Repair, Lift gate Repair in Atlanta, Georgia.


Used Sweeper Scrubbers for sale.  Also Sweeper Scrubbers for parts.


We currently have a few used sweeper scrubbers including Tennant's and Clark American

sweepers.  Also a few for scrubber sweepers for parts.




Used Sweeper Scrubbers for Sale


Unit 589   Used1989 Clark American Lincoln 505-203 Sweeper.  Toyota 5R Engine, 3439 Hrs. Sweeper engine Toyota 5R for sale

589, Used tennant sweeper591cc.JPG (41438 bytes)

Unit 589   Used 1980 Tennant 525 Sweeper, LP fuel

Industrial Flathead 4 cylinder Teledyne Engine, 405hrs on motor. Will sell Teledyne engine out of sweeper.


Sweeper scrubbers for Parts


Unit 590   Used 1989 Clark American Lincoln 505-203 Sweeper for Parts, 1078 hrs - 8897511

591, 90 tennant sweeper 525 used parts591, tennant sweeper ford 5676 engine used

Unit 591   Used 1990 Tennant 525 Sweeper for Parts, 4659 hrs Ford 5676.   LP gas  1725KG A261725



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Box Truck Repairs in and around Atlanta Georgia.


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