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   UPDATED : October 16th, 2019

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Used Storage Truck bodies & Lower Priced Regular Boxes


The below units are either older, or some type of damage.  These truck bodies are sold as is.  Any extra work to these would be additional to price quoted.

Call for detail of particular conditions or if you would like more pictures.  We also have some of our less expensive mountable boxes below.



Unit 979  Complete 26' Used Storage Truck body.  SWING Door opening 95"h x 88"w.  Inside 104"h x 92"w. AS IS with frame rail issues



Unit 631  1995 Supreme 24' Truckbody.  Door opening 89"h x 85"w.  Inside 95"h x 88"w.




Unit 755  1991 Babb 17' Truckbody.  Door opening 78"h x 54"w.  Inside 85"h x 87"w.




Unit 708   1999 Grumman Olsen 24' Truckbody.  Door opening 90"h x 88"w.  Inside 97"h x 92"w.








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Box Truck Repairs in and around Atlanta Georgia.


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