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Offering Used Truck Bodies, Used Liftgate Installs, Used Truck Parts, Truck body Repair, Lift gate Repair in Atlanta, Georgia.


Flipdown Style Used Liftgates and Cantilever Used Gates

Used Railgates for Flatbeds, Used Railgates for Isuzu NPRs  Gates style need a truck with a box or flatbed that has stake sides. 

Installation available.  These styles work great for bread trucks and smaller 3500 and Isuzu trucks.  If you are in looking for a lift gate part, give us a

call with the part needed for an accurate quote. Above Bed used gates and regular flipgates or small railgates.


Tuckaways Railgates Flipgates


Flipdown Style Used RailGates








F62, 2012 Palfinger ILM used railgateUsed Railgate for install


Unit F62  2012 Palfinger ILM Used RailGates for Install, 1600 capacity, 81" x 36 + 6 ramp.  OUTSIDE RAILS ARE 88" WIDE great for smaller flatbeds



F69, Palfinger ILM used liftgate, railgate, flipgate


Unit F69  2013 Palfinger ILM FOLDOVER GATE, 1600 capacity, 81" x 36 + 6 ramp.  OUTSIDE RAILS ARE 88" WIDE Trucks



F74, 2014 Palfinger ILM used railgateF74, Palfinger ILM Used Railgate


Unit F74  2014 Palfinger ILM Railgate Liftgate, 1600 capacity, 81" x 36 + 6 ramp. OUTSIDE RAILS ARE 88" WIDE, Great for smaller flatbeds





Pickup Truck Used Gates



F43, Used Pickup Liftgate



Unit F43  Theiman Pickup Truck Gate Install, Used, TT12, 1250LB capacity, 56 x 26 + 5 ramp.  60 1/2" wide outside rails.





Unit F58  2006 Theiman Pickup Truck used Gate or Service Truck used gate , TT12T, 1250LB capacity, 52 x 26 + 5 ramp.  59" wide outside rails.



Cantilever Used Gates



Palfinger ILK Used liftgate for installPalfinger ILK Gate for saleF60,2017 Palfinger ILK22 used gate


Unit F60  2017 Palfinger ILK Liftgate for sale, Cantilever gate, 2200LB Capacity.  Platform 94 W" x 47 D" - DEPOSIT RECIEVED






Waltco BZ33 gate, 3300lb, 95 x 69".  For a 96" wide Bed. RUSTED PLATFORM, work good mechanically.

Great for parts because of the rust, or will sell as is and can fix rust issue.  Gate works good.








New Liftgates, Used Liftgates

Liftgate Replacement Parts

Liftgate Repairs at shop






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Box Truck Repairs in and around Atlanta Georgia.

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