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International Used Parts in Stock


Current Inventory:  International 4700 truck parts, International S1954 truck parts, International CF500 truck parts.

Parts typically include: Cabs, Frames, Fuel Tanks, Transmissions and Engines.



951, 2008 International CF500 used transmission951, 2008 International CF500 radiator assembly951, 2008 International CF500 ABS brakes, 3593612C95951, 2008 International CF500 used fuel tank

951, 2008 International CF500 used rear axle951, Internatiional CF500 turbo used, borg warner951, International CF500 fan and clutch

951, International CF500 steering gear box, TRW


2008 International CF500 or Ford LCF -used parts  Unit 951 

Transmission - Ford 5 Speed Automatic Torque Shift, Rearend 5.38 Gear Ratio, ECM 1845117C5, ABS 3593612C95, Fuel Tank,

 Fan and Clutch, Radiator, Steering Gear Box, Turbo Borg Warner, ECM 1845117C5, Air Cleaner, AC Condensor, and other  Mileage - 266,723



1100, International 4300 used parts1100, International 4300 air filter housing

1100, International 4300, Maxxforce DT engine head1100, 2010 Interntaional 4300 automatic transmission for sale1100, International 4300 fuel rail1100, 2010 International 4300 Maxxforce DT injectors



2010 International 4300 Used Truck for sale  Unit 1100

 Maxxforce DT engine head, ECM, Valve Cover, Allison Automatic Transmission, DPF exhaust, Bendix Air Compressor 5019-320.  . 

 Radiator Assembly, Front Bumper, and other misc. parts.



A084, 1999 International 4700 with engine problem



1999 International 4700 Used Truck Cab for sale  Unit A084

 DT466 runs but is having problems, Transmission is Automatic,Will sell with box or without. Cab is clean, small rip in seat. 

 Mileage - 302,000.  Selling as whole unit



1988 International S1954 Parts.  Unit 712

Cab has rust underside at mounts, selling for a parts Cab. Engine - DT466 (Bad crank)  Transmission - 5 Speed Spicer FS42-5D for sale

Doors left and right, Radiator, and other misc. parts.



904, 2000 International 4700 used parts


2000 International 4700 Used Cab   Unit 904

Cab (with or without doors), Dash is not good (had dash fire). Engine - T444e engine, take out with 80K on rebuild.  International 4700 Automatic Allison AT545 used Transmission for sale,

Fuel Tank, Rear differental S150-S with 4.10 ratio.




Unit 950 1995 International 4700.  Selling complete   24 / 26 feet no gate

DT408 Diesel mechanical engine, 6 Speed Manual, Busted Fuel Line, Truck runs, possible injector issues.  341K miles.



945, 1998 International 4700 used truck parts945, 1998 International 4700 used fuel tank

945, International 4700 used fuel tank and battery box

International 4700 fan and clutch945, 1998 International 4700 Allison Automatic AT545 used transmission


1998 International 4700 Used Truck Parts  Unit 945

Engine - DT466E (core), Rear End Chunk 7068587 4.44 Ratio,  Transmission - Allison Automatic Reman AT545 with 2475 miles, ECM 2593342C1

Fuel Tanks Driver and Passenger side, Battery box with steps, steering gear box, Frame, other misc. parts available.



907, International 4700 used truck parts



1999 International 4700 cab for sale   Unit 907

Cab (with or without doors), selling Cab first, it is set up for:  Engine - DT466e (engine problems)  Transimssion - Eaton 6 speed, Selling as whole unit.



925, 1991 International 4600 used truck parts925, 1991 International 4600 rear axle Spicer F155S925, International 4600 used fuel tank925, Interational 4600 steering gear box, TAS402299



1991 International 4600 cab for sale and mounting   Unit 925

Engine -7.2 liter, A155 for parts.  (engine compression blowing into radtiator), Fuel Tank, Battery Box Bottom with steps, Steering Gear Box, Frame, International Rear axle F155S, 5.57 Gear Ratio



H245, International 9200 used hood


International 9200 used hood, Unit H245. Priced with a core, extra without one.



H217, International 9400i used hood


International 9400I used hood, Unit H217. Priced with a core, extra without one.




International 8600 used hood, Unit H227. Priced with a core, extra without one.



H234, International 7600 used hood for sale


International 7600 used hood, Unit H234. Priced with a core, extra without one.



H210, International 4300 used hood shell


 International 4300 used hood shell, Unit H210.  Priced with a core, extra without one.



H239, International 4300 used hood for sale


 International 4300 used hood shell, Unit H239.  Priced with a core, extra without one.



International 4300 cab interior panelInterntatinal 4300 splash shieldInternational 4300 air filter housingInternational 4300 coolant resevoir

International 4300 axleInternational 4300 used door parts


 International 4300 used parts.




1999 International 4700 used Parts   Unit 873

Steering gear box TRW 4773303, Fuel Tank (driver), Cab Mounting Brackets,  Steps and Brackets (Left or Right), Passenger Seat, Power Steering Pump




1990 International 4900   Unit A046

Air cleaner housing, tube and rubber connectors, and Radiator



431, International 1624 345 gas engine parts431, 1979 International 1624 used differental


1979 International 1624 used parts   Unit 431

 International 345 gas 8 cylinder motor- parts only, 5 Speed Manual Transmission.  Rear end chunk, Dana Hayes, H33950 (or H33850) 2 speed.

Other Parts: Exhaust manifold # 216359 RZ 323518C1, Air Tank and Step, Left and Right fender extenders, Power Steering Pump with Pulley and Hoses.



International 4070 used parts

used dash panel, engine cover, door shell and other misc. parts




International S1954 left door frame Left Door Frame and Right



International 4700 fender extensions


International 4700 used bumper, used fender left and Right






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