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Cargo Van Used Parts


Our used cargo van parts typically come from damaged cargo vans, or mechanical failure vehicles.  Cargo Van Parts in stock include:

GMC Savana 3500 used parts, Chevy Astro used parts, Ford E250 used parts, and Ford Aerostar used parts. 

Some used parts might already be sold, so please call with part you need.



580, 1996 Chevy Astro used parts

580, CHevrolet Astro Rear Doors used


1996 Chevrolet Astro Used Parts Van    Unit 580

Burnt inside right damage.  Airbag deployed. Drivers Front Door and Both Rear Doors. Seats.

Rear Axle. Front Bumper, Rear Bumper.  No Engine or Transmission.




1995 Chevrolet Astro Cargo Van  Unit 582

Does run.  Selling Complete only.



612, 1999 GMC 3500 Savana Cargo Van parts612, 99 GMC Savana used rear doors612, 1999 GMC 3500 Savana Cargovan used 5.7 liter engine

1999 GMC Savana Used Parts1999 GMC Savana Rear Doors1999 GMC 3500 Savana Cargo Van Passenger Seat


1999 GMC 3500 Savana Cutaway     Unit 612

Engine -5.7 Liter good HO57582, No Transmission, Divider, Panels,  Rear door.  Both airbags deployed. Area of damage - right front, sides, rear.




1999 GMC 3500 Savana Cutaway     Unit 637

No engine or transmission, Left body side damage and back door.  Inside Bulkhead Wall.  Grill (small damage), Hood, Fan Shroud. 

Front Bumper and Rear Bumper. Windshield.   Other Misc. Parts



578, 1993 Ford E250 used rear doors578, 93 Ford E250 used rear bumper


1993 Ford E250 used parts     Unit 578

Left Drivers Door, Rear Cargo Doors.  Under Hood parts available. Divider cage, Right side damage to cargo van.  Engine is core.  Automatic Transmission



576, 1993 Ford Aerostar used rear doors


1993 Ford Aerostar used parts     Unit 579

Front from doors forward burnt. Outside from doors back in good shape.  All Panels have smoke damage on inside. Divider cage,

sliding side door, swing rear doors.  Rear end assembly. Automatic Transmission.




1995 Plymouth Voyager Cargo Van not running   Unit 652

V6  3liter engine has 165K miles. Transmission - Automatic was rebuilt with approx 11K on rebuild.Interior and Exterior clean.  

Fuel Pump not working,Selling complete as a parts van.







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