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   UPDATED : April 30th, 2021

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Used 24' Truckbodies for Sale


Below pictures include our inventory of used 24' truckbodies that are not equipped with either a lift gate or walk ramp.

Our used truck bodies include Supreme, Morgan, Babb,  Complete, Grumman, and Mickey.  

Our shop is equipped to handle repairs needed to your truck.  Come by for an estimate on your wreck damage. These will have an outside width of 96".

Call or E-mail with your specs for mounting and price.


96" Wide 96" Wide - Gate 96" Wide - Ramp 102" Wide / High




678, Used truckbody 24ft long

Unit 678   1997 Complete 24' Truckbody used

Door opening 90"h x 88"w.  Inside 98"h x 93"w.  Frame Rail width 34".

708, 24 ft used truckbody


Unit 708   1999 Grumman Olsen 24' Truckbody.  Door opening 90"h x 88"w.  Inside 97"h x 92"w.

1080, 24 ft used Lyncoach truckbody


Unit 1080   2007 Lyncoach 24' Truckbody

Door opening 88"h x 85"w.  Inside 96"h x 89"w.  Frame Rail width 34".




If you are not finding what you need, give us a call to see if we are able to locate for you.



Call (404)361-8785, Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:30 pm or  Email if your in need of Lift gate Repairs, or Trailer Repairs, or

Box Truck Repairs in and around Atlanta Georgia.

Repair Pictures -  Before and After

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